R&R SuperBikes

Bringing a superlative biking experience to today’s bikers

Having primarily made a name for themselves in the sports bike arena, DSK Hyosung bikes are also available for riders with different skill sets and varied levels of expertise and interests. Apart from sports models, cruiser bikes and street bikes are also available for Indian audiences.

Different classes of DSK Hyosung bikes accessible to Indian audiences are:

Cruiser: for the seekers of ultimate comfort. There are a lot of models available in this category like ST7, a 700 cc bike available in Maroon, Black and White variants. Another offering is Aquila Pro GB 650, a 650 cc model presented in Black, Maroon and Silver. For those seeking a relatively low power cruiser bike, there is Aquila GB 250 offered in White, Red Black and Black colors.

Sports: For those who love the “Vrrrooommmm” of a well toned engine. Adorned with powerful engines and a cool sporty look, this range has two offerings: GT 650 R New, available in Red Titanium, Black Titanium and White Titanium and GT 250 RC New, offered in the same color variants with a lowered engine capacity.

Street: for the fanatics of the bare charisma of a bike. In keeping with the appeal of this range of bikes, they have aptly named as well. The primary model being offered is GT 650P Naked, available in Black, White and Maroon. There is also a host of models like GT250 P, GD250N, GT 125, and RT 125 to be added to the collection in the near future.